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MIDROC operations in Saudi Arabia have grown and kept pace with the economic development of the country .this has resulted in a portfolio of companies covering many economic stories.

Our group offers full services in engineering and construction and has been involved in many large scale projects. In the industrial sector we own and operate factories producing a variety of products. In addition to the value added industries, we are involved in services and in trade activities of properties and various consumer commodities.







Above: Pipeline through the rough terrain of Asir mountains, kingdom of saudi Arabia




Long term investment in the region

This is an undertaking of gigantic underground hydrocarbon storage project for the kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The project is still in progress and includes all the engineering, procurement and construction phases. The overall project duration will be 15 years. Currently 700 staff and 10,400 labors are engaged in the project. Specialized companies from MIDROC group participate in the management design work and construction supervision.



Taking engineering to a new heights

This project will provide fresh hydro carbon products to an underground storage facility and remove an equal quantity of aged products for commercial distribution. Metal services company (ALJOIAB), a member of MIDROC group, has undertaken the work in this mountainous terrain to construct a fully functioning 250km buried cross-country pipeline from jizan to the storage plant near abha.the project is a turnkey project that includes all required facilities to operate the pipeline.






Above: Specialized machinery used to excavate tunnels and caverns in limestone or sandstone




Above: Riyadh  Qassim pipeline




A 360km pipeline

Our specialized metal services company (ALJOIAB) undertook this project for the construction and precomissioning of a 360 km, buried pipeline between the Saudi aramco bulk plates in Riyadh and qasssim.the work included all facilities required for the operation of pipeline. The pipeline material grade was X65 that required special welding techniques new to Saudi aramco projects.








Petrochemical storage

The yanpet expansion project involved doubling the annual capacity of 900,000 tones of finished product of ethylene glycol plant at yanbu, Saudi Arabia. The project called for the expansion of the existing plant facilities plus the provision of a new marine chemical berth located approximately 5km from the plant job site.pdm Saudi Arabia , a member of MIDROC group, was heavily involved in all areas of the expansion project, providing shop-fabricated and field constructed storage tanks and pressure vessels. A total of 47 storage tanks, cone roof tanks and spherical tanks varying from small sizes up to those with thirteen steel storage tanks have been prefabricated and erected by pdm Saudi Arabia for major project currently under construction in Saudi Arabia. The tanks are for the storage of refined oil products. The average size of each tank is approximately 96,000 cubic meters. Nearly 21,000 tons of steel were used in the construction of this tanks. Once erected, the tanks are painted internally to the highest quality of standards with modern solvent free coatings. In all about 250,000 meter square are coated.




Above: Storage tanks of various types and sizes at the ethylene glycol plant at Yanbu



Quality medical service

Saudi ABV, a member of MIDROC group has undertaken the expansion project for al salaam hospital in Jeddah on a turnkey basis. The scope of work was to design, construct, equip and commission the 6-storey, 80,000meter square expansion project and totally refurbish the 3-storey, 12,000 meter square existing hospital, thus resulting in a modern 400 bed hospital, fully operational with the latest technologies available in the medical world.



Above:  One of the waiting halls of at Al Salama Hospital




Outside view of Al Salama Hospital



Helping people stay in touch in an ever shrinking world

As part of modernizing the Saudi Arabian communication infrastructure and expanding its services, Saudi ABV undertook, starting in 1995, the construction of around 100 sites per year and the lay down of 1,300,000 lines, in addition to all required modern fiber optic repeater stations.



Above: Two of the many GSM Network Towers


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