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The MIDROC group organizes its European operations through MIDROC Scandinavian holding company, which has required and established numerous well known subsidiaries. In addition to our heavy and primary presence in Scandinavia, our company has expanded its operation to the north European market and some of the new emerging markets of the ex-eastern block. We are very aware of the changes and evolution on the European markets and we continuously adjust our structure to take maximum advantage of these changes. This involves meeting the demands of existing customers as well as carefully penetrating new markets through utilized cost effective recourse and products. We also attempt to utilize efficient technologies that avail themselves from both western and Eastern Europe.

As an integral part of our international network, we provide many services in construction, petroleum, industrial services and engineering along with a wide range of interests in the following areas_

  • Project and construction management as well as large scale construction projects
  • Fabrication and erection of steel structures and pipelines
  • Mechanical, electrical and instrumental installation
  • Industrial and refineries maintenance
  • Corrosion protection and control
  • Environmental protection and treatment
  • Logistical activities required to support mega projects around the world.




Bridges for the Swedish national road administration

This comprehensive project in Sweden combines aesthetics, environment and function. A number of bridges have been build spanning long valleys, in an effort to preserve the valuable through fares and the natural beauty of the area. The project consists of a new 32 km long stretch of E4 motorway and some 30 bridges including a suspension bridge with a total length of 1,800m. The project was completed at the end of 1997 after four years of work. MIDROC -electro provided electrical installations for project.





Railway and motor way connecting Sweden and Denmark

The fixed link across Oresund will facilitate the land transport between the Nordic countries and Europe through Denmark and Sweden. It consists of 18 km of 4-lane motorway and 2 track passenger and goods railway in combination of a tunnel and a bridge. The represents’ an investment of 2 billion us dollars. MIDROC construction is responsible for the construction of the tunnel and trough of 500 m length, connecting the bridge abutment with the Malmo outer ring road system as well as the national rail track system. For this project MIDROC construction developed an advanced concerting method, thereby improving production and quality.




Protected wartime facility in lime stone quarry in Sweden

The project consists of two stages and MIDROC awarded both stages based on the strength of previous experience of building war proof installation. Stage one was the excavation of 47,000 cubic meters of rock by means of highly specialized drilling equipment. Stage two comprises the construction of two large buildings each two-story’s high inside the caverns with a passage linking them together.


New gas oil unit for diesel oil and heating oil

The expansion of the refinery in Gothenburg, Sweden is an environmental project designed to refine the oil so that the sulphur contents are dramatically reduced. The project consists of three main process including the de-sulphuring and de-aromatizing of light gas oil, the de-sulphuring and de-aromatizing of heavy gas oil as well as sulphur recovery.since1994 till it’s completion in 1996,MIDROC industries managed and executed the total mechanical and piping installation contract in the gas oil project



keep the earth pure

Our MIDROC environment is involved in advanced methods of treatment, including biological cleansing soil, water and air. We are committed to nurturing out environment and restoring it's natural status cooperating with world class firms that provide the latest innovations in economical and effective methods of pollution control.

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