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The MIDROC group has selected Ethiopia to be its base in Africa. Operations in other African countries are in their early stages. The Ethiopian operations are managed by holding company. Although Ethiopia is at the very bottom of the list the world’s least developed counries,its natural resources coupled with its economic libration measures crates very favorable investment opportunities and make it potentially rich and ready for development. Since its establishment in in 1996, MIDROC Ethiopia  has been vigorously engaged, through its specialized companies, in numerous economic sectors of the country. The main investment fields include agriculture, agro- industry, construction, mining, light and leather, soft drinks, healthcare and properties. As our mission states, we have strong commitments to the comities we serve. Thus, we have, through our investments in Ethiopia, provided thousands of job opportunities to Ethiopians in addition to positively participating in the development on the country.

MIDROC Ethiopia sturcturre.




The following are some of the MIDROC ETHIOPIA  Companies:


Making hotel stays a pleasure

The Sheraton Addis is owned and operated by MIDROC group. MIDROC construction Ethiopia pvt.ltd.co. Completed the first phase of the construction work in April 1998. Sheraton Addis is a luxury hotel with 295 air conditioned rooms and suites all complete with up to date recreation, banquet and conference facilities. The second phase of the Sheraton Addis project is currently being carried out by MEPO Contracting & Management Services P.L.C. A modern construction company owned by MIDROC Ethiopia.




Above: The singing fountaing at the Sheraton Addis Hotel


MDsalam (1)


Above: A laboratory technician at Salam Employees Clinic



Quality engineering

Established by MIDROC in august 1994. Daylight engineering pvt.ltd.co. is an integrated lamp fluorescent and glass manufacturing plant. The first phase of construction work for the project has been recently completed. It is one of the few lamp industries in Ethiopia. The plant is currently engaged in the production of the Sara lamp with a daily production capacity of 30,000 lamps.

MDsalam (2)


Above:  Young Ethiopia working in Daylight's Lamp factory


KOSPI  Pvt. Ltd. Company

Investment in industry and employment

Kombolcha steel products industry (KOSPI) Plc is one of the heavy industry wings of MIDROC. It is located in Ethiopia and is involved the manufacturing and trading of different types of metal and engineering products in Ethiopia and east Africa. Kospi has an annual producing 50,000 metric tons of ribbed sheets. Kospi is the first and only company in Ethiopia to manufacture ribbed sheets of up to 12 meters.




Above: Metallic sheet at the Kombolcha Steel Products Industry Production Plant.


MIDROC Ethiopia founded selam health care in 1996, with the major objective of establishing a 129 beds general hospital in Addis Ababa. The hospital will provide modern up-to-date medical treatment, conduct training on modern equipment, and serve as a referral center to neighboring east African countries with additional objectives of medical research work. Salam health care PVT .LTD.CO. Has also established a nursing college in order to guarantee highly skilled and dependable nurses.


Industry that works

Modern building industries is one of the heavy industries, set up by MIDROC Ethiopia with major objectives of establishing and operating six highly specialized factories:

• Filler factory for the production of industrial filler materials

• Plastic tiles factory

• Adhesive glue factory

• Cultured marble factory

• Pesticides factory



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